Hi, my name is Bill Lewers. This is my first attempt to set up a blog. Actually my son, Mark set it up for me. I’m not exactly sure where this will lead, but for now I’ll be posting mostly about my primary interests which are baseball (especially Red Sox, Orioles, Nationals) and the election process (especially Fairfax County, Virginia).

I also enjoy writing. At present I have authored three books:

Six Decades of Baseball: A Personal NarrativeĀ (non-fiction)

A Voter’s Journey (non-fiction)

The Gatekeepers of Democracy (fiction)

November Third (The Gatekeepers of Democracy, Book Two) (fiction)


And I am Mark, Bill’s son. This blog is primarily for my dad but I will be writing on here from time to time (as a graduate student, finding time to write may be hard at times). I am primarily an Orioles fan and most of my posts will be on the Orioles or baseball in general.