On a Sunday Afternoon


With the Orioles sinking into the mud, I needed an upper. So I went to Nats Park today to the Nats take on Cincinnati. The Reds scored five runs in the top of the first inning and I felt like I was back in Camden Yards. Cincinnati won 6-2 on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, weather wise. Just a few points.

  1. While Nats fans are a little disgusted with starting pitcher Tanner Roark, they are not really worried. They are just marking time till the playoffs.
  2. Anthony Rendon came to the plate three different times with two out and men in scoring position. Each time he went out quietly. He never seems to do well when I’m at the park.
  3. Key play in bottom, of fifth. Nats are down by four. Goodwin leads off with a single. Harper doubles. For some reason the third base coach gives Goodwin the green light. He’s out. Not even close. You don’t do that sort of thing when you’re four runs down.
  4. Reds brought their closer, Iglesias into the game in the 8th. Nats fan around me think they were “shopping him” to the Nats for one of those July 31 tirades.
  5. Bryce Harper continues to underwhelm defensively. He simply does not get a good jump on the ball.
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