In Pursuit of a Record


John Parrish was one of the O’s old-timers signing autographs at the Yards yesterday. He came up to the Birds in 2000 as a promising young pitcher. He spent the next seven years alternating between the O’s, the minors, and the DL showing bits of promise here and there but not much consistency. Eventually the Birds got tired of it and sold him to Seattle. Timing is everything. On the current O’s team, he would be a welcome addition.

The O’s had their chances early last night. The Indians started a pitcher named Mike Clevinger who has shoulder length hair and a herky jerky motion. The Cleveland fans in the stands made it clear that they did not think much of him. Seth Smith led off the bottom of the first with a homerun. He’s been doing a lot of that lately. The next two Birds hitters get on base. But they get stranded there. In the second inning, the O’s get the bases loaded with none out. Looks like a big inning. Nope. They get just one run. In the third inning they get two men on with only one out, but come up empty. It seems like Clevinger is able to get serious at just the right time.

Meanwhile Wade Miley is getting hit for a couple of runs here, a couple of runs there (and going deep in the count on everyone) and we are suddenly behind 4-2. At that point the game settles into a slow slog. Indians skipper Francona starts bringing in relievers left and right like it’s the seventh game of the World Series. Indians fans are enjoying themselves immensely. Baltimore fans either fall asleep or go home early. In the end Cleveland wins 6-3. Game takes 3 hours, 33 minutes (far too long). USAToday reports that this is the 19th consecutive game where the O’s pitchers have given up five runs or more. The record is 20, sets by the Phillies in 1924, playing in the legendary Baker Bowl. The Birds are on the road tonight, playing in Tampa with Ubaldo Jimenez on the mound. I would say that Phillies hold on the record is looking rather tenuous right now.

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