Chris vs Chris

Red Sox

Went up to the Yards to see a strange little game between the O’s and the Red Sox. Right from the beginning it was obvious that it was a mismatch. The Orioles starter was Chris Tillman who has had a rough time trying to get started, especially in inning one. The Sox countered with Chris Sale who continues to be one of the best.

Well Tillman had another rough go of it in inning one and yet the score was tied three-all after five innings. That was somewhat artificial as

  1. A base running blunder by Mitch Moreland prematurely snuffed out a Boston rally in inning one.
  2. A bad throw by Pablo Sandoval kept an Orioles rally going in the bottom of the first.

Anyway, after the first Tillman sort of settled down and he really battles but his pitch count soared and he always seemed to be on the edge. Finally in the sixth inning he walks the bases loaded and then throws one in the dirt. Catcher Francisco Pena who joins the team whenever Wellington Castillo has a nosebleed, pounces on the ball and then slings it into left field. Two Sox runners score and that’s pretty much the ball game as a bunch of Boston relievers limit to the O’s to one harmless base hit an inning for the rest of the game. Sox win it 7-3.

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