The Return of Adam Jones


Went up to the yards last night and saw a rather satisfying outing as the Birds took it to the Yankees 10-4.  Some random observations:

  1. A triumphant return by Adam Jones. Now a caveat is that he still appears to be a bit hobbled. This was especially evident as he did his pregame running. Still you can’t argue with three hits (including a homerun and a double) and 5 RBIs.
  2. The Yanks’ Aaron Judge badly misplayed a Mike Trumbo “double” that sailed over his head.
  3. The O’s have apparently decided that Trey Mancini is their leftfielder. As long as he hits and makes the routine plays in the field, they are willing to overlook his defensive deficiencies.
  4. The Yanks hitters put on an incredible show of power during batting practice. None of it counts of course but it was impressive.
  5. Manny Machado is lost at the plate. He’s is swinging at all kinds of bad pitches and has even seemed to lose his swagger in the field.
  6. Mychal Givens is the unsung hero of the Birds bullpen. He’s the guy that Buck turns to when the starter falters but the game is still close and he usually comes through.
  7. A number of Birds hits last night were hit between third baseman Haadley and the line. None of them were errors on his part but I wonder if his range is shrinking.
  8. I’m always impressed when I see Brett Gardner. He is a tough out in clutch situations.
  9. A reasonably good outing by O’s starter Kevin Gausman. Hopefully he is beginning to turn things around.
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