Work In-progress


The fun part of writing a novel is everything up through the creation of the first draft. Anything is possible. Nothing is too outrageous. Let your imagination soar. Don’t worry about spelling, grammar. Just write and create. The story is yours and those characters will do anything you tell them to do.

The downside is that what you have is completely unreadable by anyone save the author. Time to correct and revise. Fill in the obvious plot holes. Fill in the not-so-obvious plot holes. Make sure your environment is realistic, or at least plausible. Make sure your characters are acting “in character.” And fix those typos. So many typos.

One round of editing after another. All those lines that seemed so clever a month ago now wilt in the light of day. Those sentences that, while grammatical correct but are still “clunky.” Those scenes that provide “necessary” exposition but are so boring. It all needs to be attended to.

But as much as you might try, you still need outside help. Enter the “beta-readers.” Those special people know nothing about your story except what is written on the pages. Their efforts are invaluable and their input is necessary, if this story is ever going to make it to a final form that at least some folks might enjoy.

That’s where it is right now. I am very fortunate that the three individuals who were beta-readers for The Gatekeepers of Democracy have agreed to provide the same service for November Third. In a few weeks, perhaps a month, I’ll have their input. At that point, I’ll have a better idea of how much work it will take to get this thing across the finish line.

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