2,000 and counting


Went up to the Yards for what was a rather strange little game between the Birds and the White Sox. The Orioles won 4-0. Random notes in no particular order.

  1. Today was Youth Baseball day at the Yards. Most of the seats around me were occupied a tween girls softball team. Their interest in the game was minimal as they were primarily involved in making such gut wrenching decisions as whether to get the pink or the blue cotton candy.
  2. The scoreboard kept flashing that this was the 2,000th game played at Camden Yards but there was no special ceremony or PA announcement.
  3. Chris Tillman started for the Birds. His first start of the year and led off the game by walking the first two Sox batters on nine pitches. Then in classic Tillman fashion, he bore down when necessary and pitched five scoreless innings.
  4. The Birds picked up two runs in the first inning and two more in the second. In the first, it was a couple of walks, an infield single, a sacrifice fly out, and another single. There were four hits in the second (all singles) but two of those were fluky Texas leaguers which landed on the foul line. Not the most robust showing but it worked.
  5. There were eighteen hits in the game. All but one were singles.
  6. Lots of fly ball outs. The wind was blowing quite a bit so perhaps that was a factor in keeping the ball in the park.
  7. Until the ninth inning, there were very few pitches that hit 90 on the radar gun. Finesse, not power was the order of the day.
  8. In the end, the softball girls went with the pink cotton candy. They seemed happy with their choicer.
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