Report from Nats Park


Went to Nats Park last night. Season doesn’t officially start for me until I see both the O’s and the Nats.

Nationals beat the Cards 14-6. 19 Hits. What’s not to like. Well…

1. Tanner Roark had a rather torturous outing. Admittedly no worse than Wainwright for the Cards. Actually those first five innings with numerous full counts, foul balls, and pitchers rubbing baseballs was rather tough to watch.

2. Nats infield defense was pretty bad. Four errors officially as well as a couple of others that could have been called either way.

3. It may be the nature of the way the hits were falling but it seemed like the Nats on the bases were a ‘station-to-station’ team.

4. Anthony Rendon was pretty much a zero at the plate.

5. And finally (this is serious)…The McDonalds is gone! The one that used to be a few blocks from the park and you could get cheap eats. It’s gone. There’s a big hole in the ground where it should be. I strongly suspect a plot by the Nats to force us to eat their overpriced food.

Now for the positive…

1. It was fun to see Matt Albers again. I saw him pitch so many innings for those dreadful Orioles teams. Then after that, he’d show up from time to time wearing different uniforms. It’s nice to see him as a Nats.

2. And of course, 19 hits is 19 hits. You can’t take that away from the Nats.

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