As Yet Unnamed

CoverFinalLG-GatekeepersOfDemocracy (002)

Since late December, I’ve been working on a sequel to Gatekeepers of Democracy. It was not my original intention to have a sequel but then I started to explore the various possibilities for the characters I had created. Today I reached a milestone as the first draft has been completed. It runs some 94,000 words which puts it some 50% longer than Gatekeepers. Like most first drafts it’s in a somewhat tortured state, not remotely ready for human consumption. After a few weeks down time to let it all settle, I will start doing some serious editing. Discovering plot discrepancies, clarifying what is confusing, pruning where it gets tedious, removing overused clichés and overused phrases, and always, always looking for those annoying little typos that love to lurk in the corners of every manuscript. I suspect that the initial editing will takes us to early summer at which point it will be turned over to beta-readers who will do their own pruning. By then I’ll have to come up with a title as well as a cover.

Final delivery to publication: I’m hoping for September but that’s ambitious. I’ll see where it goes. So far I’m having a lot of fun with this.

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